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LEED GA Training Registration Form


  • Course language is English.

  • The course is fully online, no in-person sessions are included.

  • The course is 16 hours basic in 4 half-days , twice weekly 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Gulf Standard Time (GST).

  • Course take-outs:

  • The course lectures slides will be given in copyrighted soft copy format.

  • Exercise questions

  • Student guides and reading material.

  • Certificate of training completion signed by the trainer.

  • Payment of fees should be completed before the start of the training.

  • Training fees USD 230. payment information will be given later.

  • We will provide certificates of completion only; no USGBC attestation can be provided.

  • As the training is online long-distance and is conducted over public networks, the trainer cannot guarantee the quality of the communication during the training session. However, any discontinued or disconnected session due to bad connection from the trainer’s side will be rescheduled at no extra charge. Attendees are expected to have good internet and power.

  • Course will not be recorded. if a student misses a session or part thereof due to personal reason, student is eligible to a makeup session with any upcoming batch.

  • All communications and invoices are online, no in-person or paper documents are included in this offer.

  • Fees do not include any USGBC / GBCI official exam fees.

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