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Five Reasons To Hire an Acoustic Consultant

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Provide Accurate Acoustic Measurements

Measures the source of sound, and determines the problem areas.

Sound measurement data is critical in determining how to mitigate noise. Without an acoustical consultant, you could purchase noise reduction barriers that don’t properly reduce the noise or potentially don’t reduce the noise at all.

Match Aesthetics to Acoustic Needs

Formulate precise guidelines to help architectural teams fine-tune their work. These guidelines enable architects to coordinate acoustic performance with design concept as well as mechanical and electrical specifications.

Minimize Sound Pollution

Create independent working spaces with minimal sound pollution.

An acoustic consultant can design subspaces within an office or school to minimize the sound exchange between them.

For example, if an elegant restaurant has a bar space where people tend to cut loose after their meal, the consultant can pair this space with the quiet dining area in a way that minimizes sound transmission between them.

Accurately Find Noise in Mechanical Systems

One of the worst noise problems in buildings, yet the hardest to pinpoint is mechanical system; especially air conditioning systems because they are often within occupied spaces. An acoustic consultant can find exactly what are the mechanical noise and vibration problems and find economic solutions to them.

Understand Privacy and Code Requirements

When a noise or voice enters an occupant’s ‘space,’ some degree of annoyance is typical, but it can also make one feel as though one’s privacy—or sense of physical separation—is being invaded. Perhaps the most relatable examples of this sensation are when the neighbor turns up the television’s volume or the patient at the other end of a waiting area starts speaking loudly into his or her cell phone.

Acoustic constants understand the ways those problems can be mitigated and provide efficient solutions.

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