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LEED Accredited Professional Building Design & Construction LEED AP BD+C Exam Prep Training

Information on our online LEED AP BD+C


LEED is the most widely used Green Building Certification system worldwide and is adopted in many countries including the UAE. Professionals acquiring LEED accreditation will gain insight into green building requirement and technologies and are well respected in the professional environment.

For the green building professional working on or seeking to work on design and construction of green building, the LEED AP BD+C is the ultimate credential. 

This course will pave your way to green professionalism and empower you to pass the LEED AP BD+C examination and to continue on a career of a highly skilled Green Building professional.


to be able to sit for the LEED AP  BD+C, you must first pass the LEED GA exam. If you haven't already done, we highly recommend you take ourLEED GA exam prep training before continuing on the path of a LEED AP.

Delivery method

The course will be delivered through a series of presentations followed by Q&A and relevant exercise questions that mimic the actual examination questions. The delivery will be through Google Meet web conferencing

Course duration

The course will be 20 hours in 4 Sessions.

Course Content

The course will cover all the requirements for the LEED AP BD+C Accreditation under LEED V4 (latest credential version). There are 10 modules covering Green Building, and in-depth LEED Categories under the LEED BD+C Rating System. The modules are as follows:

  • Module 1 Introduction to Green Building

  • Module 2 Integrative Process & System Thinking

  • Module 3 Location and Transportation

  • Module 4 Sustainable Sites

  • Module 5 Water Efficiency

  • Module 6 Energy & Atmosphere

  • Module 7 Materials & Resources

  • Module 8 Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Module 9 Bonus Categories

  • Module 10 General Review and Additional Sample Questions

Course take-outs

  • The course lectures slides will be given in copyrighted soft copy format.

  • Exercise questions

  • LEED AP BD+C Reference Guide

  • LEED Student Guide

  • Certificate of training completion signed by the trainer

All material in soft copy, no hard copy of any material is included.

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