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Acoustic Services

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Acoustic modelling for speech and noise.

Sound reinforcement, speech privacy and masking systems.

Review of specifications for compliance with requirements of Acoustic Performance.

Produce and/or Review systems design and specifications and provide recommendations and basis of requirements for noise, vibration control and Sound Isolation and Produce an acoustic report.

Performing LEED, Estidama, and Dubai Green Building Standard (Safat) Acoustic Study.

Producing noise, speech intelligibility and reverberation time compliance.

Produce a matrix for reverberation time, and noise control for all offices and medical areas.

Produce a passive and active acoustic systems models, to ensure RT intelligibility compliance using appropriate sound modelling software.

Conducting an environmental noise level site survey and establishing noise level baseline in compliance with EPA Environmental Noise Survey Guidance, ISO 1996, and IEC 61672.

Conducting on-site STC rated wall tests as per ASTM E336.

acoustic indoor noise and reverberation time measurements

Acoustic Testing compliance with ASTM E336 (noise transmission between rooms) and AHRI 885 (HVAC Air Terminal Noise)

Acoustic HVAC systemd insertion loss analysis

HVAC Insertion loss analysis (AC noise design)

BIM acoustics as per ISO 12354

BIM Acoustic analysis and reporting in compliance with ISO 12354

Traffic noise measurement

Environmental and traffic noise measurement in compliance with ISO 1996 , and IEC 61672.

Traffic noise impact analysis

Traffic Noise Impact Modelling and Analysis

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