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COVID-19 and Green Building

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Our living conditions play a critical role in preventing the spread of disease. Medical experts even say that green buildings can help us in our fight against coronavirus.

These types of buildings preserve natural resources, prioritize good ventilation and are highly energy efficient. They reduce both waste and air pollution and are built using non-toxic, sustainable materials.

The main green building certifications, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and WELL, set stringent standards for air quality and place emphasis on bringing outdoor air into the building.

Our Green Building Certification Services

1. Estidama PQP Services (PCRS, PBRS, PVRS)

2. LEED AP Services

3. Net-Zero Energy and Carbon Studies

4. Architecture Passive Strategies

5. Energy Analysis

6. Lighting Analysis

7. Water Efficiency

8. Waste Management

9. Construction Environmental Management Planning

10.Life cycle impact analysis

11.Life cycle costing analysis

12.Travel& transportation planning

13.Certification process management

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